Swiss Deluxe CellFacial Anti-Age

02h00    290


Absolute Deluxe program based on female or male cell therapy. The contours of the face are remodeled, the complexion radiant and an intense reactivation of the cutaneous functions. A highly effective luxury treatment, which also includes the treatment of hands and feet.

  • Specific pre-treatment and deep cleaning

  • 2-Phase Enzymatic Peeling

  • Activation of skin cells

  • Precious Mask Hand peeling and massage

  • Cell serum

  • Facial and décolleté massage with cellular substances

  • Radiance boost mask

  • Eye contour care

  • Foot peeling and massage

Swiss ProCollagen Face and Neck

01h30    260


Pure luxury for your skin. Immediate effect treatment specifically designed for the face and neck thanks to the revitalizing and plumping cellular serum and a concentrate of ultra-effective active ingredients.

Skin preparation

2-Phase Enzymatic

Peeling Activation of skin cells

Isotonic elastin-collagen serum

Special face-neck mask

Final care

Swiss Deluxe Pro Eye Contour Collagen

(Included in a treatment CHF 79.-)

01h00    130


Exceptional treatment for the eye area. Unique in its unique and long-lasting effectiveness.

  • Preparation of the eyelids

  • Application of ultra elasto-colagen (isotonic)

  • Pure collagen sheet (soaked in hyaluronic acid)

  • Light eye and eyelid massage


01h30    240


Luxurious anti-aging treatment based on cell therapy. Sharp facial contours, youthful radiance and intensive regeneration of skin functions.

  • Specific pre-treatment and deep cleaning

  • 2-Phase Enzymatic

  • Peeling Activation of skin cells

  • Cell serum

  • Massage of the face and décolleté with cellular substances

  • Radiance boost mask

  • Eye contour care

Swiss Deluxe Elasto-CollagEn Intensive

01h30    210


Treatment specifically designed for intense hydration, firming and tissue strengthening. Prevents facial oval sagging and improves skin elasticity. Particularly recommended in case of deep wrinkles, scars and stretch marks.

  • Specific pre-treatment

  • Isotonic elastin-collagen serum

  • Mask

  • Stimulating massage

Swiss Deluxe Elasto-CollagEn Clarifying

01h30    210


Brightening treatment to balance skin pigmentation. Pigmentation variations are lightened, age spots and scars faded.

  • Pre-treatment and deep cleaning

  • Depigmenting elastin-collagen serum

  • Mask

  • Massage

Swiss Complexion Radiance

01h30    190


In-depth structural care for intensive radiance and lasting improvement of the skin structure of the face and décolleté. A pure boost thanks to unique extracts of edelweiss, precious earths, kombucha and collagen elastin fibres.

  • Specific pre-treatment

  • Isotonic elastin-collagen serum

  • Precious Mask

  • End processing

Swiss ProExtraction

01h10    190

Purifying treatment for deep cleansing for problem and acne-prone skin. Thanks to the enzymatic effect, impurities and bacteria are gently eliminated. The skin regains its balance thanks to the concentrated cellular substances.

  • Deep cleaning pre-treatment

  • Deep Extraction

  • Enzymatic peeling

  • Cleansing mask

  • Balancing and harmonizing cellular care




Body Scrub

00h30    75


Exfoliation is a fundamental step in the beauty ritual. So that this moment is as delicious as it is effective, we provide you with slow and dynamic maneuvers to exfoliate each part of the body. Its high-performance ingredients combined with its surprising and incredibly creamy texture eliminate dead cells and skin impurities. Gently exfoliated and purified, your skin is better prepared for the treatments applied and you experience a pleasant feeling of well-being.

Swiss Anti cellulite

01h30    220

Full body firming treatment. Remodeling of body contours, tissue purification and targeted elimination of fat. The elasticity of the skin is visibly improved. The best results are obtained during a cure.


  • Metabolism boosting peel preparation

  • Remodeling

  • Mask with specific anti-cellulite concentrate

specific care


01h15    230

8 sessions  1472  (Instead 1840)

To find an even complexion and rejuvenated skin free of imperfections thanks to this spectacular technology.

This treatment consists of a double action. It stimulates the natural regeneration mechanism of the skin producing collagen and elastin, thanks to uniform micro-perforations which, in turn, serve as channels for active ingredients to penetrate to the active cells.



  • Scars

  • Brown stains

  • Loss of elasticity

  • Dilated ostias

  • Wrinkles and fine lines

  • Poor tissue irrigation

  • Dehydration Impurities

Recommendation: For optimal results, this treatment is highly recommended as a cure of 8 sessions respectively over a period of 3 months.


NANOSOFT is a device that allows the injection of NCTF135ha active ingredients at the perfect depth, in the dermis (nourishing layer of the visible skin).

NCTF135HA is a poly-revitalizing solution composed of non-crosslinked hyaluronic acid (which does not add volume) + 55 nutritious ingredients: vitamins, amino and nucleic acids, coenzymes, minerals, antioxidants.


M-HA10 is pure hyaluronic acid with a molecular weight similar to the weight of the body's natural hyaluronic acid. It allows deep hydration of dehydrated and tired skin. Highly antioxidant (protects cells against free radicals) and regenerating, it reduces fine lines.




This treatment is specifically dedicated to the entire face. The devices are adapted according to the areas to be treated. ​



This treatment corrects superficial wrinkles, tightens pores and acts as a complexion booster. It deeply revitalizes skin that has lost its radiance and is tired, and provides it with significant hydration. It corrects spots, also improves the elasticity, firmness and tone of the dermis. The eyes are included.



Make-up removal

Light peel

Microneedling with NANOSOFT + NCTF135HA


Hyaluronic youth mask B3 Recovery cream app

Sun protection app



3 treatments spaced 15 days apart. Then, a maintenance session every 3 months.




1 session  250

Cure of 3 sessions  690

the look

Eyebrow shape reconstruction


00h30 45


We will take the time to perform your tailor-made eyebrow waxing to harmonize your entire face. This is an essential step to intensify your look and highlight it.

Eyebrow shaping

00h20  27

Eyebrow Tinting


00h15  25

Refreshes facial features. It is advisable to adapt the color of the eyebrows to that of the hair.

Eyelash Tinting

00h20  35

Intensify the gaze. To be renewed approximately every 4 weeks.

Eyelash lift

01h00  100

The eyelash perm allows you to have curled eyelashes for about 6 weeks. Thus they remain bent until their renewal (fall-regrowth).

This technique enlarges the eye and opens the gaze. We have chosen products that respect the eyelashes and do not damage them.


combos : Eyebrow Tinting + Waxing

00h40  50

combos : Eyelash and Eyebrow Tinting

01h00  55

combos : Eyelash and Eyebrow Tinting + Waxing

00h50  80

combos : eyelash lift + tint

01h10  120




00h45  65

Daytime make-up to enhance your own beauty and harmonize the entire face.



01h00  100

Sustained make-up for a fantastic glamorous look.

wedding special


02h00  300

A make-up trial is included in order to obtain the results desired by the bride.



upper lips

00h15    25

Nostrils/ Chin/ Cheekbones/ Ears

00h10    15


00h25   27 


00h20    30

single jersey

00h20   40

Notched Jersey

00h25   55

Integral bikini + intergluteal fold

00h40   65

Intergluteal fold

00h20   25

Full arm

00h40   65

half arm

00h25   45

full legs

00h50   75

half legs

00h30   45


00h20   30

umbilical line

00h10   20


00h30   35

torso and stomach

00h45   70

Shoulders & neck

00h25   30

full back

00h45   70

half back

00h30   40

hands & fingers / feet & toes

00h20   20

combos : Armpits + Full Bikini + Full Legs

00h20   20

combos : Underarms + single bikini + half-legs

00h45   100



Laser for Ladies and Gentlemen

Face  150

Upper / Lower Lips   50

Chin   50

Armpits   105

Single Jersey   60

Integral Swimsuit + Fold   299

Overhangs on the thighs   99

Pubis   99

Intimate lips   60

Intergluteal Fold   60

Full Arms   269

Half Arm   149

Full Legs   399

Half Legs   279

Knees   60

Glutes   150

Umbilical line   59

Torso   199

Abdomen   199

Torso and Abdomen   359

Shoulders and Neck   179

Full Back   399

Half Back   199

Hands & Fingers / Feet & Toes   99

nail lounge

semi-permanent (preparation included)

Hands   75

Feet   75

Removal during the treatment   10

Complete removal   30   

SPA Pedicure


01h00  95

Find perfect feet! This treatment consists of a foot bath, removal of excess cornea, complete and meticulous treatment of the nail and cuticle, exfoliation and relaxing massage.

With semi-permanent

01h30  135


01h00  99

Instant results! This treatment completely eliminates calluses, calluses and cracks to find beautiful and healthy feet! The complete and meticulous treatment of the nail and cuticle is included.

With semi-permanent

01h30  139

Other services

Classic manicure  50

Hand care with Edelweiss stem cells   30 

Classic varnish application   20 

Removal of gel or acrylic  50 

Additional service   10